Let me write once again.

Let me write once again.

Let these words lead me into my own awful reality.

Let me write. Let me feel. Let me.

It’s such a pity how my feelings are towards you.

Numb, nothing, I feel nothing.

Emptiness, a huge hole has been made.

Why? Because you erased everything we had.

I don’t want to remember you anymore.

I don’t want to do anything with you anymore.

It sucks how life played us out.

Our own game of hide and seek. We hide what we truly feel and we seek what is real.

Our silence speaks our emotions but our touch screams everything out.

Our hands hold our hearts together.

With one stare we know what lies beneath our fiery eyes.

We keep deceiving each other.

We keep pushing away but eventually everything bounces back.

Each time we push, each time we fall. Each time it becomes harder.

What have we done? what are we doing? What? What?

It’s better if we could erase everything and forget everything we had. 

Let us just remember that we were once strangers who crashed at the moment of insanity.

Our destiny played us. We are bound by the rules we are facing.

Our freedom to love, it was voided by fate.

One wish. A wish.

Even for a moment we could be honest with each other.

Even for a moment we could say what we truly feel.

But why couldn’t we?

Why are we holding ourselves back?

Is it fear of the unknown? Is it fear of utter reality?

Is it fear of what is real?

Is it fear of facing our emotions?

Its driving us to the edge.

One of us should let go.

One of us should hurt.

One of us should hate.

One of us should fade away.

One of us should move on.

And that would be me.

Goodbye dear friend.

I shall burn these memories.

Beautiful they are to keep, that’s why it’s better to forget so none of us should weep.

Don’t look back.

Go on.

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